Are classes held regardless of weather? 

Mostly yes. In cases of severe weather, classes will be cancelled or an alternative location will be determined. We will send out an email with detailed instructions in the case of hurricanes, tornadoes, and Nor'easters. 

Are both parents included in the cost of the 8-week session?

Yes. One or both parents are welcome to attend. 

Can a caregiver other than the parent(s) attend the classes?

Yes. However, for the greatest benefit of all in attendance, we recommend that whoever is committing to the 8-week session be the same caregiver(s). For instance, if nanny or granny is the designated caregiver on the given class day, we recommend that nanny or granny attend all 8 classes. If you, the parent, would like to attend alongside nanny or granny, that's great! Each class builds on the next and culminates in the fruition of an intention set at the beginning of our sessions together.

What should I bring?

Bring what you need to feel comfortable. We provide meditation props and beverages. If you need snacks, bring them. If you need layers of clothing for you and your little one, please bring them. We will also send you a suggested supply list upon registration.

Do I have to know how to meditate?

No. You will receive instruction on how to meditate in the classes.

What if I already have a meditation practice?

If you already have a practice, great! 

Is there any religious affiliation?

No. While there may be readings and inspiration from various philosophies, this is a secular practice. 

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes! Check our classes page to see our latest free offerings. Nothing there? Please inquire on our contact page to set up a free trial class. 

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel one week before the first session, you'll receive a 50% refund.

If you cancel in the timeframe of 6 days before to after attending the first session, you will receive credit to apply toward future classes.

No refunds or credits after the second session.

What is your privacy policy?

We cherish your privacy. All conversations and personal data will never be shared with anyone, unless you give express permission to do so. We may take photos and ask for testimonials from time to time, and in that event, you will most definitely be asked to give us permission ahead of time.