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  • Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY (map)

When we walk in harmony between Heaven and Earth we harvest the Three Treasures: love, prosperity and long life.

Join wild plant expert and herbalist, Liz Neves, and astrology/astrocartography expert and healing Qigong instructor, Elizabeth Smith, for this full day experiential workshop in beautiful Prospect Park. Nourish body, mind and spirit as we reclaim our ancient heritage and transfuse our city lives with sacred mystery and wonder. Expect to return to your life feeling truly alive, in touch and in tune with Holy Mother Universe and armed with knowledge to sustain that connection.



Sacred Human - Eight Treasures / Elixir Light Qigong: 

    Our day begins with gentle chi energy cultivation exercise. Practiced in China for over 5000 years, Qigong movements increase vital life force and strengthen the body's natural healing abilities. This simple routine of standing stretches has long been known to generate wisdom, improve judgement, strengthen the ability to give and receive love, fortify courage and encourage the ability to act.

Sacred Earth (part I) - Honoring the Natural World

    Remember to remember - our ancestors once knew the sacredness of the living planet we call home. Many indigenous people never forgot. Yet somehow in our striving for seemingly better, more comfortable lives, we have lost touch with our relationship with all of Earth’s creations. Let us wake up to our inheritance and responsibilities as caretakers of our one dynamic planet Earth. Through discussion and experiential exercises, we will uncover our unique gifts to heal our connection to all Earth beings, and ways to lead a rich and fulfilling life in harmony with all that is.

**Potluck Lunch**

    Please bring a healthy dish to share. Also please bring your own utensils and dishes, to reduce waste. 

Sacred Earth (part II) - Plant Walk

    Plants are one of our earliest ancestors and without them there would be no human existence on this planet. Their medicine, nourishment, and breath exchange is and has always been inextricably linked to our ability to survive and thrive. During our walk we will bathe in the energy of our green relations, receiving their medicine and messages. We’ll explore the plants through all of our senses and learn of their healing properties and their many ways of communicating to us.

Sacred Sky - Celestial Meditations 

    As our afternoon wanes and the magical stillness of dusk approaches, we'll explore how our neighboring celestial bodies directly interact with our physical, mental and subtle spiritual energies to create health, awaken happiness and fulfill our human potential. Learn the unique ways that planets and star systems in our solar system interface with each other to directly shape our life experiences in personal and collective ways. Discover ancient methods to revitalize the body, calm the mind, enliven and protect the spirit, by aligning ourselves with the generous presence of the healing celestial spheres.