Reiki in a Hammock

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A truly unique experience. All of the benefits of Reiki energy healing in the cozy comfort of a hammock, outside in Prospect Park!

Option to add on a foraging tour to get to know your local plant community and then integrate your learnings energetically in a post-foraging Reiki session. 

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What people are saying:

Liz gives such an incredibly unique energy healing experience. These reiki sessions are held in a hammock in Prospect Park, so it is comfortable and fun as I feel like I am floating in air. The hammock allows Liz to fully reach all energy areas in my body, and I am cradled with warm healing. Liz brings her extensive knowledge of the natural environment into my body and spirit. As I shared my intention for the session, Liz listened and processed it on multiple levels for the session, including what potential physical and mental areas of tension, helpful medicinal herbs, and nature images and representations. We began with a cleansing smudge of sage and mugwort, a sip of medicinal tea, and ending by summoning the four directions together and revisiting the intention for the session. I leave feeling powerful, peaceful and enlightened in a way that I have yet to find with any other wellness services.