The Priestess


The Priestess


An Amethyst skull is at the center of this (a bit longer than) choker length necklace. 


Amethyst – one of the most popular crystals, for good reason. Amethyst calms the nervous system, helps keep our minds clear, and activates intuition through the 6th chakra (3rd eye or 1st eye). Amethyst is a dreamer's stone, too.

Rainbow moonstone – just as the name suggests, this is a lunar stone representing the goddess Selene (Roman counterpart, Diana; Egyptian counterpart, Isis). Another seer's stone, lover's stone, and dreamer's stone, Moonstone is said to bring on lucid and clarifying dreams. 

Sunstone – also as the name suggests, Sunstone is representative of the sun – life supporting, masculine, fiery energy.

Clear quartz – amplifies and clears energy

Lepidolite – the stone of compassion, especially for oneself

Labradorite - mystical embodiment of the Aurora Borealis






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