Reiki & Healing Drum

"I had a wonderful relaxing – yet uplifting -- reiki session with Liz Neves.  I highly recommend her – she is gentle, knowledgeable, a great listener and an excellent energy worker.  Liz is intuitive and down to earth.  I was very happy with my session and believe others will be too." ~ SM

"My session with Liz was wonderful!  She began with the drum and I felt her go through my energy centers, working to locate the blocks of energy and move them out through sound.  As she worked on my heart and solar plexus especially, I felt the stuck energy moving around as it got loosened and finally freed. Then she moved into reiki and as she worked from my head downward I felt a shift as she placed her hands on my shoulders.  I immediately felt warm and light and expansive.  At another point she began to chant and drum softly; my hands began to tingle and vibrate.  I began to receive images of scenes & my arms felt heavy like carrying something large - I got the sense I was being given something to carry.  As she called me back with the drum the sensations began to go away, I felt the coolness of the room again and I came to open my eyes refreshed and with new knowledge." ~ WC

"Liz gives such an incredibly unique energy healing experience. These reiki sessions are held in a hammock in Prospect Park, so it is comfortable and fun as I feel like I am floating in air. The hammock allows Liz to fully reach all energy areas in my body, and I am cradled with warm healing. Liz brings her extensive knowledge of the natural environment into my body and spirit. As I shared my intention for the session, Liz listened and processed it on multiple levels for the session, including what potential physical and mental areas of tension, helpful medicinal herbs, and nature images and representations. We began with a cleansing smudge of sage and mugwort, a sip of medicinal tea, and ending by summoning the four directions together and revisiting the intention for the session. I leave feeling powerful, peaceful and enlightened in a way that I have yet to find with any other wellness services."  ~JH

Herbal consultations

"As someone who tends to be mostly on the giving side (in both my work and life) I approached with reverence and joy the opportunity of receiving an Herbal Session with Liz.

I did not know I was in for an encouraging, fun and quite magical experience.
Keep reading to find out how it all turned out.

During the session, that produced such good results:

I was heard in such an appreciative way, that my soul smiled and felt truly welcome
I was met with consistent and amplified knowledge of healing plants, and what they can do for me on many levels
Liz’s presence held such a space of encouragement and support. I felt truly inspired!

The results of the session have been recommendations that transcended the simple prescription of herbs that will be good for my needs.

Liz tuned into plants with which I have a real Soul affinity. Some of these plants I had mentioned during our talk, while others I had not even talked about, but she brought them forth and made my heart sing!

Now I feel the choice of herbs I have for my daily routine is one of herbal companions, plants with which, from now on, I will establish a more enlivening, living connection.

This is important for me, as I usually do connect with flower essences plants in this living way, but my herbal supplements were kind of “pills” I would take in every day.

Liz also provided me with well grounded and substantiated information on why these herbs are the right ones for me, and gave me very grounded advice on how I should pursue the investigation (asking for specific tests, etc) on some of my physical issues with my doctor.

Liz, I am so happy that I now have you to help me with herbal companions!

What a gift and Blessing! Thank you!" ~RTA

"I requested a herbal consultation session with Liz after I struggled a few months with my strange skin breakouts and weight gain in the areas I have not experienced before.  Our initial session consisted of an hour of intake with some recommendation, and she followed up with detailed summary of our session with herbal and nutritional recommendation, as well as some helpful tips on how to improve my eating and exercise routine.  She was fully present during our session, and I felt heard and supported all the way though.  I feel so encouraged to start creating better habits for myself - THANK YOU!!" ~ AB

“Although I'd never received a diagnosis, I felt I may be suffering from PTSD because of some early traumas. My nerves just seemed overly reactive to various triggers, including loud voices. After taking two dropper fulls of Gathering Ground's Fresh Milky Oats Tincture once a day for a week, and then tapering off to one dropper full for a couple more weeks, I started noticing a change. Hearing someone venting their frustration with a raised voice no longer triggered me into Fear Mode! My body and mind remained grounded and calm. Rather than feeling as though I was being threatened, I could respond to the actual, benign situation with ease.

Thank-you, Gathering Ground, for an herbal remedy that saved me from investing in several years of talk therapy!” ~ PT

Workshops & Plant Walks

"[The Healing Plant Walk] was so calming and informative. The tea breaks were amazing. Learned so much." ~ Elsa

"I love the entire experience." ~TW

"There's nothing else like this out there, and it's something very interesting to me. The combination of medicine + meditation is really cool." ~Anon.

"What an experience this has been. Who knew that over the course of six weeks my three-year-old son and I would begin chomping on dandelions and asiatic dayflowers and drying peppergrass to sprinkle on our salad? We've learned so much. Liz is knowledgable, spiritual, and an all-around wonderful person. She elegantly infuses each lesson with context and meaning, and her warm energy is soothing. I brought my mother one week, and she was so inspired that she has decided to find a way to study plants in her hometown.

My son talks about Gathering Ground every day. All week long, he tells stories about class, sings the songs, and tries to feed me edible plants. And Julia is such a delight. She gently and skillfully engages the children and gives off such a sunshiny glow that you can't help but feel happy in her presence. 

My reverence for the beauty of Prospect Park and appreciation for all that it's plants have to offer us has deepened tremendously. One week, while discussing mugwort, Liz mentioned that the calming herb can remind us to, "Stop. Pay attention." In bustling Brooklyn, that is what this class has done for us. Gathering Ground is so special to our family!”

~ Katie R.

“My daughter and I love Gathering Ground. We talk about our experiences and share our new knowledge with everyone. The class follows a regular path in the park, creating an easy routine.  Liz has an incredible store of information and we are thrilled to be learning from her each week. Julia is the perfect support, setting up fun and creative new projects for the kids each week. My 3 y.o. daughter delights in finding edibles, crafting activities, and all the songs we sing, I also look forward to the short meditations, experiencing new teas and tinctures, and to meeting the wonderful families who are drawn to the group. 

The class always feels thoughtfully prepared and planned yet never contrived. 

This class celebrates learning as a life long endeavor that can be embedded in every moment. I am so grateful to have found a class where my daughter and I learn side by side.”

~ Aoife P.

"Rosemary and I have spent almost everyday in prospect park since she was born. In all types of weather and in all seasons. And when I heard about gathering ground it seemed like such an amazing way to better know a place that already felt so familiar and special to us. I have always had an interest in herbalism and the medicinal uses for plants and this class was such a touching and wonderful experience for me to share with Rosemary. I really can see how much she has learned in the 2 seasons we have shared with the class. I see her expressing so much love and appreciation for the nature that has been a daily part of our lives for so long. She also has made such sweet friendships thru playing with Julia and the other kids in the class. It was a great way to introduce her into a group class setting where she had some freedom to explore without me at her side. And for that I am so appreciative. 

In addition to all of the that, for me class was such a welcome treat at the end of a busy week. To be able to sit and talk with so many lovely women. To be able to learn and share. To be able to close my eyes and meditate, knowing Rosemary was just as content as I was in that moment, was really something special."

~Val H.

"We loved our time together during Gathering Ground.  I felt I could reconnect with nature and the plants in a meaningful way.  I loved the teas, the meditation and the energy. Hudson loved interacting with both the other kids and the adults.  Coming to the park each week brought a sense of solace and calm to our everyday lives – we loved our experience with Gathering Ground and heartily recommend to others – even if you don’t have kids!"

~ Sacha M.

"Gathering Ground has been such a beautiful part of every week! Liz and Julia are so quietly knowledgable and peaceful... Every moment with them is special. Identifying the plants and seeing them change, the slow walk with like minded people, children of all ages enjoying being outside! And the tea, meditation, and song circle are each calls to mindfulness. I'm full of admiration and gratitude for the experience, a mid-morning slow down to feel more present!" 

~ Sarah (and M, 11 months)